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Lost: The Official Magazine

Welcome to's special teaser of Lost: The Official Magazine, #13 - on sale now!

"We're very excited about the stories that we're going to tell this year, and we're thrilled that they will be airing together& we hope it feels like an epic event!" Eddy Kitsis (Executive Producer)

Heading up this issue we have some fantastic interviews for you - co-executive producers Horowitz and Kitsis talk Season 3 and 4; Evangeline Lilly and Elizabeth Mitchell discuss their on screen dynamic; we speak to the man who knows all, script coordinator Gregg Nations; and bag an interview with not one, but four of 'The Others' in our hostile environment extended feature. Also in this issue an exclusive pull-out of the smoke monster's finest moments; and you get the chance to Get Lost and win McFarlane Toys Lost action figures!
New Transmissions

Co-Executive Producers ADAM HOROWITZ and EDDY KITSIS return to our Unearthed Treasures to reveal their fondest memories of season three, and hint at what is to come&

Let's start by talking about the closing minutes of season three. How did your friends and families react to it?

It was probably the strongest response we've gotten on anything, really, at least since the season one finale. It was probably the most intense response, too. Friends and family really seemed surprised in a good way. It was really gratifying for us.

EDDY KITSIS: For me, the calls I got from people were mainly concerning how to process it. It blew their mind to the point where they said, "You know how Walt being taken at the end of season one was an 'Oh my God!' moment? This just fried my brain!" Everyone wants to know, "Is this the future?!" What was interesting is that I was actually in Europe at the time and my wife hadn't seen it, nor knew about it. So she started getting emails as well because people just assume that she knows everything too [laughs]! Anytime there would be any emails about Lost, she just kept deleting them [laughs]!

With so many plotlines interweaving in the finale, how do you and the team even begin to conceive an episode like this?

EK: It's funny because we broke the last three almost simultaneously  you know you have the road map for where you want to be at the end  since season one we've done two-hour finales, or three-hour finales and you just have to attack it story by story!
AH: In a lot of ways it was similar to season one where we had Exodus (part one) and Exodus (part two) with part two as a two-hour event. Greatest Hits was sort of an 'unofficial part one' in that sense, where everything was being set in motion for what was going to happen in the finale. As a group, we sat down and knew the big events and knew where we wanted it to finish. It then became about saying things like, "What's happening in the Looking Glass station? What are the events there?" then figuring out the best way to lay the events over those three episodes, and the best way to get the maximum impact from the story we wanted to tell.

The Ties That Bind

Apart from the handcuffs that tethered Kate to Juliet, life experiences and even love for Jack Shephard connect these two vivacious women. EVANGELINE LILLY and ELIZABETH MITCHELL exclusively relax by the fire and look back at Left Behind, their time on the island together so far, and season three's thrilling ending&

Left Behind was a classic slice of tour de force Lost. What was it like getting to play opposite each other for most of the episode?

Evangeline Lilly: It was so much fun. One of the greatest things about that episode was it was an all-girl episode. I played on the island with Elizabeth and I played my flashback against a woman, which I have never done before I always play opposite men.
Elizabeth Mitchell: We really work the same way, in that we just get right in the moment. I had a wonderful time with Evangeline. Getting to know her in that episode was one of the highlights of the season for me. She is lovely a strong, intelligent, creative woman.

EL: With Elizabeth, I have the biggest crush on her, she is one of the women in the camp with her yin and yang intact. It's so exciting when you identify with each other and immediately know that you can bring your 'A' game. You can go there, and you know they're not going to back down or get competitive, jealous or angry. I wrote to the writers room and I was like, "It's going to be so much fun! I get to play with the girls for once!" Damon Lindelof wrote me back and said, "You can thank [Lost writer] Elizabeth [Sarnoff] for that because she wrote this episode with me and she was fighting for it to be estrogen filled."

How did you approach the intense island moments? EL: The scenes had so much room to move in them, they were both yin and yang. They were tough, but also cool and mysterious. We had space to be gentle, coy and even loving to each other at times.

EM: We are two very strong women as actresses, it's great to be able to have such strong characters. I truly believe these two women would be friends, Juliet is older, but there's not a lot there that is completely dissimilar from Kate. They have a lot of the same characteristics.
EL: There is a moment where I put Juliet's shoulder back into its socket. They ended up panning into a huge wide shot, but if it had been closer, you would have actually seen what happened between us  I slammed her shoulder with venom. I knew it would hurt her and I wanted it to. But when she collapsed with pain, I caught her and I held her in my arms and I rocked her. She was crying and I was almost trying not to cry myself. It was such an amazing moment because I thought, "How often do we see women hold each other  not sexually

Read the full interviews in Issue 13 of Lost: The Official Magazine

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