Friday, December 7, 2007

LOST Spoilers 3.09 - 'Stranger In a Strange Land'

February 15, 2007

Next week comes a new LOST and more answers to some of LOST's biggest mysteries. Being one that startles easy, I decided to find out ahead of time what shocking surprises await us LOST fans in "Stranger in a Strange Land".

'Stranger in a Strange Land' is one of the most anticipated episodes amongst the LOST Spoiler elite. Amongst the LOST mysteries that will be examined:

What Jack's Tattoo means?
What happened to the tailsection children that were kidnapped?
What happened to Cindy?
What will become of Juliet after she shot Danny?
What will become of Jack after he double crossed Ben?
Here is what is known: We see Jack during his darkest times in Phucket Thailand. We don't know how LOST's beloved doctor got there, but we know that he falls in with some pretty creepy people, namely a tattoo artist played by Bai Ling who claims she can look inside the soul of her subjects. So just what did she see in jack?

Both Cindy and the children appear in this episode. We will probably find out that the reason the children were kidnapped is because the others are not able to reproduce, therefore the children are adopted more or less. The Cindy situation has been a mystery since early in LOST season two when she mysteriously vanished while hiking through the jungle with Ana et al. We know from the previews that she shows up, will she have any information to share with Jack?

Diana Scarwid plays the 'law' of the others, an investigator/prosecutor/judge determining whether or not Juliet should be executed for killing Danny, one of their own. Apparently Jack will figure prominently into those proceedings. Since Michael Ausiello at tvguide in his own LOST Spoilers piece indicated Juliet is getting another flashback, we can assume he is successful in defending her.

What will become of Jack is the big question. He is moved from the aquarium to the bear cages, which some would assume is a downgrade. Some promo pictures (like the one below) show Jack having a little conversation with LOST baddie Ben. After Jack took Ben hostage, it isn't likely he's up to keeping that promise.

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