Friday, December 7, 2007

LOST Preview - Locke Meets Chair - 3.13 The Man From Tallahassee

March 18, 2007

It is one of LOST's most coveted mysteries, how did John Locke wind up in the wheel chair? In this weeks all new episode of LOST, 'The Man From Tallahassee' the answer will finally be revealed! What other answers could this all new episode of LOST hold in store for us? What about the aftermath of last weeks revelation of Jack looking quite at home with 'The Others'? For more details on what to expect from this week's LOST, with minor spoilers, follow the link.

'The Man From Tallahassee' promises to be one of the most pivotal episodes of LOST yet. Not only will we witness the event that put Mr. John Locke in his wheel chair, we will get even more startling insight on 'The Others' and their connection to the island.

Last week, Kate, Sayid, Danielle, and John Locke got to the edge of the barracks where 'The Others' lived and watched Jack having a great time playing catch with Mr. Friendly while clean cut cultists sauntered about with backpacks slung over their shoulders.

This week, the search party enters the encampment with the goal of rescuing Jack, all but one. That one is John Locke. John has his own agenda. After 'Enter 77', a lot of fans have questioned John's actions. Is he trying to strand them there forever? This week we will see for certain that this is what John has in mind. Even when Ben offers Locke information on the island, it isn't enough to dissuade Locke's destructive mission as the bald one takes out the only way on and off the island, the Galaga submarine!

As for the Jack situation, we know very little of what is going on. It looks like it will be a guessing game of 'is he with them or not'. But it appears that Kate is captured. Looking ahead to the first LOST in April, 'Left Behind', it sounds like Kate does get away, with Juliet. There is no mention of the fate of Sayid and Danielle.

With the next episode, 'Exposi', slated to focus almost entirely on the past of the beach new comers Paulo and Nikki, it is a safe bet 'The Man from Tallahassee' will end with a major cliff hanger. What will become of John Locke after he destroys The Other's sub? How do Sayid and Danielle factor into the episode? That, you'll have to wait to find out.


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